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Project Excellence model

The blueprint for Project Excellence

Projects are tools for creating change. But to ensure change with impact, your projects need the right framework. Our Project Excellence Model defines the platform for success.

Project Excellence model

At Implement Consulting Group, we help private and public organisations within all sectors build capacities in project management. Our consultants are certified in standard project management methods (PRINCE2®, IPMA® and PMI®) and have extensive experience in customising project models and processes to suit the needs for the particular organisation.

Through our extensive project experience, we have proved that project management can coexist and even interact with line management – provided the right framework is in place.

As illustrated in the figure below, our Project Excellence Model consists of a number of key elements that work together to establish an effective project platform. Introducing a clear governance structure, targeted training, efficient resource management and a shared terminology, this model helps ensure that development and efficiency projects are implemented successfully – and deliver great results. The Project Excellence Model can be used as a framework for individual projects, large programmes as well as your entire project portfolio.

Project Excellence


  • Short and fat projects will save your bottom line

    Project portfolio management should not be complex. Kill Complexity is a change journey aiming at eliminating unnecessary complexity from an organisation and/or hindering unnecessary complexity in sneaking into the organisation.

  • Basic governance of projects

    Thus most managers have discovered the significance of the projects in their organisation. Many of these managers feel that they have discovered an entirely new organisation within the already existing one. The truly interesting question then becomes: What do they want to do about it?

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How a new and powerful project organisation transformed the company
In just two years, KMD has adapted to completely new market and investor demands. This was achieved by transforming a chaotic myriad of projects into a transparent, value-driven portfolio overview spearheaded by capable project managers. The effect is increased internal satisfaction combined with multi-million savings obtained through a tighter focus on costs and optimisation of project execution.
Business case culture at Copenhagen Citizen Service
Development of business case culture
Copenhagen Citizen Service is spearheading a large number of digitisation projects in the City of Copenhagen, where there is a demand for more efficient work procedures. In cooperation with Copenhagen Citizen Service, Implement designed a training programme where we worked with the method on actual cases, thus anchoring and ensuring ownership of the method in Copenhagen Citizen Service.