Change with Impact

Productive Series

Create a highly efficient improvement culture and release time to care

The Productive Series is a proven methodology for strengthening organisational skills and empowerment. It drives significant and lasting improvements in reducing costs and raising the quality of care.

Productive Series

Productive series

The Productive Series supports improvement teams to redesign and streamline workflow and processes. This helps achieve significant and lasting improvements, predominantly in the extra time allocated to patients, leading to improved quality of care with reduced costs.

Staff typically spend around 30% of their time on direct patient care on a hospital ward. With the Productive Series, we can free up more time for direct patient care and treatment.

The key to the Productive Series’ success lies in the fact that improvements are driven by the staff themselves, by empowering them to ask challenging questions about practice and to make positive changes to the way they work. The process promotes a continuous improvement culture – leading to real savings in materials, reducing waste and vastly improving staff morale.

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