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PRINCE2® – best practice for effective project management

Projects have become the standard way of bringing about organisational change or stimulating business development. To ensure successful results – on time and on budget – the project needs to be effectively managed.


PRINCE2® steers you safely through all the critical project phases. PRINCE2® is a method for managing, controlling and organising a project. Since its conception in the UK in the late 1980s, it has become a best-practice project management tool, widely used in public as well as private organisations for all types of projects.

As a method, PRINCE2® has a number of advantages. It is:

  • Repeatable – in different divisions, companies and contexts
  • Teachable – easy to learn and easy to teach
  • Experience-based – extensively tested and subsequently adjusted to meet best-practice requirements
  • Informative – ensures that everyone involved has a clear idea of the purpose of the project, its goals, how they will be achieved and their roles and responsibilities
  • Proactive – handles unexpected circumstances and gives early warning in case of deviations before they develop into critical potential problems.

Regardless of whether your project is unique or related to other projects in a larger portfolio, PRINCE2® can be used to ensure:

  • Monitored change management in relation to investments and return on investments
  • Involvement of all project team members and stakeholders throughout the project process to make sure the end product meets all necessary standards and requirements
  • Distinction between management of the project process and development of the actual product

Training, certification and consultancy services

Our consultants have extensive experience in training and certifying people in the PRINCE2® method. We offer standard modules that are open to anyone who needs an introduction to the method (foundation level) or wish to become a more proficient and ultimately a certified practitioner. We also design unique PRINCE2® training modules, customised to meet the specific needs of your company or organisation.

Many companies and organisations draw on our consultancy services to help them implement PRINCE2® in their organisation. Our consultants typically help management get a clear overview of the implementation process and how to handle it. This may involve system adjustments, competence development, connecting/linking to existing standards/project models etc.

Learn more about Implement Learning Insititute and our PRINCE2® courses (the courses are in Danish).

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trademark of the UK Cabinet Office. The Swirl logo™ is a Trademark of the UK Cabinet Office. PRINCE2® training is conducted in collaboration with SPOCE Project Management Ltd.



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