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Patient flow in the health sector

Why Lean health care is an effective tool for quality improvement

Focusing on continuity of care and high-quality treatment is, in fact, an efficiency measure. Compensating for poor quality is far more expensive. That is why Lean health care is an effective mindset when the health sector is under financial pressure.

Patient flow in the health sector

Patient flow in health sector

We always put special emphasis on staff involvement when working with optimisation of patient care. Representatives from all relevant staff groups are divided into Lean focus groups, and they help map current procedures and put forward their ideas for improvements. At the same time, our consultants take a close look at day-to-day reality in the wards: examining patient journals, observing daily routines and interviewing key informants about continuity of care.

Improvements generate energy and progress. But our experience shows that it can be difficult to maintain momentum over time. Impact measurement is an excellent tool for maintaining focus on the value that Lean generates.

When the improvement phase is completed and the first round of suggestions for redesign of current procedures is ready, the project moves into the documentation phase. In this phase, the Lean scorecard is developed and presented. It includes benchmarking to monitor the impact of the new process.

Successful implementation

Successful implementation is key to realising the benefits of the Lean approach. To support your implementation process, we have developed two simple tools – the Improvement Board and Blitz Events – that can help you stay on track. The Improvement Board is a chart that helps you plan, prioritise and execute improvements on a daily basis. Blitz Events are workshops that run for 3-4 days in which staff test and implement the new ways of working. With tools like these, you not only maintain momentum during your change process; you also make sure that the changes actually have an impact.

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