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P2® Tutor

PRINCE2® on the go!

With the P2 Tutor by Implement Consulting Group, you can practice PRINCE2® on your iPhone or iPad when it suits you.

P2® Tutor

The P2 Tutor is an app that is closely linked to Implement's experiences and insights on project and portfolio management, and particularly PRINCE2®, as Implement is a PRINCE2® certified provider of courses in PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Work at your own pace

With the P2 Tutor, you can run through a specific part of the curriculum – or pick a random range of questions. It also includes a 'full test' function, which simulates the number of questions asked during a live exam situation. You can work your way through the questions randomly or in a workbook format where questions and answers are visible on-screen.

Whether you have a few minutes for a couple of quick questions or want to set time aside for 100 questions, the test is always at hand. Starting up is easy and you can track your progress on the results dashboard.

The P2 Tutor is flexible and provides great support for when you are preparing for the PRINCE2® exam. Search for P2 Tutor on the App Store or scan the QR code below. The price is DKK 25 . Please note that P2 Tutor is in Danish.

For more information about the P2 Tutor or questions about Implement's competences within project and portfolio management, please contact  Søren Beck, +45 2338 0057,

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