Neuroscience can help your organisation succeed in the face of change

The field of neuroscience has grown rapidly in the past decades. We can help you apply it to facilitate change and improve performance.


A wealth of game-changing new knowledge about the brain is reaching the business world. The question is; how can such nerdy know-how help organisations and their people succeed? How can insights from neuroscience be applied to produce better results with less effort? How can we use it to improve performance under pressure – or help people thrive in times of change?

Influencing behaviour to facilitate change

At Implement, we believe that change equals learning. But to learn faster, you must be able to unlearn fast too. Break patterns and make new ones. The impact of change is documented in vital new behaviours, while the progress of change is proportional to how fast and how much we learn.

Accelerate change by influencing behaviour. Joy Hunhammer, 10 years of experience working with behaviour:

Integrating the latest research of prominent scholars such as Daniel Kahneman, David Rock, Matthew Lieberman and Daniel Siegel, our application of neuroscience is split into four major areas:

  1. Focus: Where your focus goes, your energy will follow. We work with awareness, presence, mindsight, choice-making, cognitive bias, creativity and cognitive control.
  2. Engage: Engagement is what occupies your mind, making you mentally aware and emotionally alert. We work with speedy reactions to change and how to handle them – as well as how we engage in the desired change. 
  3. Excel: Excellence is not an act, but a habit. We work with intentional change, using willpower, narrative change processes and habit design.
  4. Connect: The brain is social before anything else. We work with the development phases of the social brain (e.g. mind reading, harmonising, mirror neurons, mentalising system) to accelerate emotional and social learning.

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To learn more about how Implement can help you unleash the potential of neuroscience in your organisation, please contact Laust Lauridsen.

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