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Negotiation strategy & personal negotiation style

Pick the right style for your negotiation

Implement Consulting Group's Negotiation Style Profile and Dual Concerns Strategy work to qualify your choice of negotiation approach and help you achieve better results.

Negotiation strategy & personal negotiation style

Research shows that negotiators apply five basic strategies – or styles – when they negotiate. But most people are not even aware that they are doing so. By becoming more aware of these styles – and in particular the one that you tend to prefer – you can improve your own negotiation skills and learn to predict the tactics of others.

Know yourself …

The Negotiation Style Profile is a tool that helps you to analyse which of the five negotiation styles you naturally prefer. This will not only make you more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses; it will also allow you to plan the right combination of styles for a given negotiation.

Personal negotiation profile

Negotiation profile

The dual concerncs strategy

 … and your negotiating partner

Awareness of your own style goes a long way to improving your negotiation performance. However, being able to predict your partner’s possible preferences will further improve the chances of an outcome in your favour.

With our Dual Concerns Strategy, you assess your own and your partner’s negotiation styles based on the importance each side attaches to “relationship” – i.e. maintaining good relations during the negotiation – and “outcome” – i.e. focusing on the best result. The parameter that predominates will automatically influence the choice of negotiation style.

Deciding on negotiation strategy

Deciding on negotiation strategy

If you wish to learn more about our negotiation tools and how to put them into practice in your team of negotiators, please contact Christian Romer Løvendal.

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    If you encounter conflict from across the table in a negotiation, it could be caused by your own behaviour! While this might be a bold statement, it is often true in corporate negotiations.

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