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Negotiation preparation

Great negotiation results call for careful preparation

If you do not want to leave money on the table, you and your team need to be thoroughly prepared, before entering the negotiation room.

Negotiation preparation

The idea of the tough negotiator who flies in from the headquarters, throws some negotiation magic on the table and leaves after having closed a fantastic deal is, unfortunately, a scenario concocted in Hollywood. Value creation starts long before the actual negotiation process takes place.

At Implement, we have created a series of preparation tools to help you and your team prepare for any negotiation situation.

Get a clear overview: The negotiation preparation checklist

Our negotiation preparation checklist gives you a visual overview of the key issues that you need to consider and agree on, before entering into negotiations:

  • What is your position?
  • What is the position of your counterpart?
  • Which negotiation strategy will you employ?
  • Who is on the negotiation team?
  • What is your agenda going forward?

Once you have gone through these checkpoints, you will have a clear sense of the issues that are already under control and those that remain to be clarified. 

Know your variables: The negotiation variables sheet

Our negotiation variables sheet helps you to identify and quantify all the variables related to the particular agreement. Variables refer to particular elements that can be handled more flexibly in negotiations – for example, payment terms or delivery times. Issues such as law-based demands on safety, on the other hand, would not qualify as variables.

Once you have listed all the variables in the negotiation variables sheet, you can identify the value creation and distributional aspects of the negotiations that you are about to undertake – from both your own and your counterpart’s perspective.

Assess the value of variables: The value creation assessment tool

Our value creation assessment tool helps you to identify and visualise whether the variables you have identified add or subtract value from the agreement that you are about to negotiate.

This tool acts as a simple, but very efficient eye-opener, which is typically used to discuss possible gain/loss scenarios and to make sure that the negotiation team is aligned with desirable outcomes for each variable and knows which strategic approach to apply to achieve these outcomes.

Value creation assessment tool

Value creation assessment tool

If you wish to learn more about the three preparation tools – and how to put them into practice in your negotiation team – please contact Christian Romer Løvendal or Claus Ipsen.

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  • The Whole Brain Negotiates

    If you encounter conflict from across the table in a negotiation, it could be caused by your own behaviour! While this might be a bold statement, it is often true in corporate negotiations.

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