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Negotiation maturity model

How mature is your organisation?

With our negotiation maturity model, you can measure your organisation’s level of maturity and identify what you need to improve to fulfil your ambitions.

Negotiation maturity model

The negotiation maturity model is an assessment tool that measures your organisation’s negotiation set-up along six dimensions that cover all aspects of negotiation:

Individual competencies - Identifies the negotiator’s personal strengths.

Organisational competencies - Describes the type of infrastructure that the organisation provides for negotiations.

Strategy and tactics - Enquires into the organisation’s strategic approach to negotiations.

Process - Describes the specific framework for negotiation processes that the organisation applies, including its level of maturity.

Tools - Identifies the tools that the organisation applies before, during and after negotiations

Change and impact - Defines the way in which the organisation works with impact – i.e. the effect of its approach to negotiations.

Procurement maturity model

How to use the tool

The negotiation maturity model consists of a questionnaire with five to ten questions in each of the six negotiation dimensions. Once you have submitted your answers to these questions, you will receive a report that identifies your organisation’s level of maturity. This makes it easy for you to see which competencies or processes you need to improve to reach your goals.

If you wish to learn more about the negotiation maturity model and how to put it into practice in your team of negotiators, please contact Jørg Paulus or Claus Ipsen.

There are two key reasons why we overlook value when we negotiate: we think negotiation is a fight and we stick to poor agreements. Learn how to put more value on the negotiation table:


  • The Whole Brain Negotiates

    If you encounter conflict from across the table in a negotiation, it could be caused by your own behaviour! While this might be a bold statement, it is often true in corporate negotiations.

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