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Map your culture gap

Put a tight fit on culture and use it to leverage strategic goals

Many companies find it hard to define the concept of culture. They find it even harder to understand how it interacts with “hard-core” concepts such as strategy and business goals.

Map your culture gap

At Implement, we help companies put a tight fit on their culture. We ask employees and managers to describe the current status of their company culture; explain what they believe it should be; and identify what prevents it from developing that far. Mapping the gap is the basis for defining or refining company values or planning how to strengthen company culture.

By using tools and methods designed to trigger reflection and constructive discussions within and across business units, employees and managers also learn why “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – that is, how culture can boost  organisational performance and help reach strategic goals.

We have helped many different organisations map their culture gap – and we would be happy to help yours too. For more information, get in touch, and let us help you put it into practice.


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The Capital Region of Denmark
Developing leadership in health care
Better service, higher quality of patient care at lower costs and with balanced budgets. It sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Capital Region of Denmark achieved through one of the most extensive leadership development programmes ever conducted in Scandinavia.