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Leadership agility

A fast-paced world calls for agile leadership

Dynamic and complex organisations need leaders who can interpret current developments, make the right decisions and define the way forward.

Leadership agility

We live in a complex and fast-changing world. New market trends, more advanced technologies and turbulent economic tides make effective leadership more important than ever before.

The notion of “leadership agility” was first coined by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, experts in leadership and organisational change. The concept describes the critical leadership competencies that leaders need to match the increasing level of change and complexity in their business environment.

Implement offers assessment, training and coaching in agile leadership. Get in touch if you wish to learn more about this approach or how to take your leadership skills to the next level.

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  • The CEOs viewpoint on leading change

    The challenges and possibilities facing leaders come in many different shapes, but we find that there is one constant – it all involves change.

  • Motivational Interviewing in leadership

    Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an interaction strategy, enabling you as a manager to become better at evoking inner motivation within your employees and your teams. MI is, therefore, useful whenever you need to implement changes within your organisation.

  • Control the atmosphere to create business

    One of our gurus, former Harvard professor and author of the book The Trusted Advisor David Maister, once said: “I’ve attended the best American and British universities and business schools and learnt a lot of good stuff. The only thing I didn’t learn was that the world is full of people...”.

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The Capital Region of Denmark
Developing leadership in health care
Better service, higher quality of patient care at lower costs and with balanced budgets. It sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what the Capital Region of Denmark achieved through one of the most extensive leadership development programmes ever conducted in Scandinavia.
How a new and powerful project organisation transformed the company
In just two years, KMD has adapted to completely new market and investor demands. This was achieved by transforming a chaotic myriad of projects into a transparent, value-driven portfolio overview spearheaded by capable project managers. The effect is increased internal satisfaction combined with multi-million savings obtained through a tighter focus on costs and optimisation of project execution.