Implementing SAP IBP

Enable your business to cope with market volatility and complexity with SAP IBP – a modern and flexible planning tool

Systems are supposed to accentuate your sales and operations planning. Implementing and taking full advantage of the system’s capabilities, however, can be challenging. We can help you to create impact by using SAP IBP.

Implementing SAP IBP

SAP IBP is the new supply chain planning tool from SAP. We have extensive expertise in implementing SAP IBP and are helping SAP to deliver courses all around Europe, making sure that our consultants always are among the leading experts. Furthermore, our 50 consultants dedicated to SAP IBP have been part of successfully implementing SAP in customer projects.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we suggest four different approaches to how you can get started on or continue your IBP journey:

  1. Inspirational meeting – let us invite you for a cup of coffee or set up a Skype meeting so that you can learn more about the possibilities of SAP IBP.
  2. Proof of concept – Together we can create a five weeks’ proof of concept, where we test three key requirements for your business in the system.
  3. IBP-in-a-box – How to get started on IBP in twelve weeks and start realising the early benefits as soon as possible.
  4. From technical solution to impact – Have you already implemented SAP IBP, but would like to realise the full potential for your business? Let us help you on the continuous journey.

Do you want to learn how to create impact with S&OP and integrated business planning or how to implement SAP IBP?

Then visit our blog below where we share our viewpoints and knowledge about how to implement SAP IBP.

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