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Impact Case and Governance Model

Faster change with greater impact

Faster change with greater impact has been Implement Consulting Group's key offering for years. Our method for achieving this involves the combination of two key concepts: the Impact Case and the Governance Model.

Impact Case and Governance Model

As the term suggests, the Impact case focuses exclusively on project impact. It refers to our way of formulating, communicating and monitoring the goals that are set out in the business case.

The Impact Case falls into two phases. Phase one involves the formulation of a strong impact case, which specifies the commercial and behavioural impact of the project. Here, the impact is translated into clear goals that can be measured during as well as after the project is completed.

Phase two is all about ensuring constant focus on impact. This is visualised on the impact board that constantly tracks performance by the use of a baseline assessment and key performance indicators.

The Governance Model describes the organisational framework necessary to realise the impact of a given project. Implement’s Governance Model is clear and simple. It consists of six designated roles: project owner, steering committee, project manager, impact owner, quality responsible and project team.

The impact owner plays a unique role. This person is responsible for realising the impact of the project. That is why he is involved early on, helping to draft the business case and define the impact. Ideally, this role should be assigned to a manager who stands to benefit from the project’s impact.

Results delivered on time and on budget

The unique combination of the impact case and the Governance Model has been tried and tested on development projects in the private and public sector. All projects have delivered change with impact – on time and on budget.

Impact case


  • Project Governance

    For project steering committees to perform excellently all members need to offer their full commitment to the project – they all need to be pigs. In addition four other skills and competencies need to be present in the steering committee.

  • Basic governance of projects

    This article describe why top managers crave to install basic governance of projects, it describes the content of the four handles, discusses implementation issues and points ahead to the more advanced project governance issues after getting in control of the basics in the project realm.

  • Measuring the impact of training

    4 out of 5 companies do not get any significant impact from training employees or do not make any effort to measure and document whether the training has an impact.

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