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Idea tendering

Put a tight fit on your tender

In tenders, you typically define your challenge and the solution you need to solve it. But what if your understanding of challenges and solutions is not comprehensive enough?

Idea tendering

Typically, organisations operate with two types of tendering: function tendering where the organisation specifies its challenges and solution tendering where it identifies the solution that is likely to solve the challenge. Both approaches rely on a predefined understanding of challenges and solutions. But what about the challenges that the organisation is unaware of? Or the solutions that it did not know existed?

That is exactly what idea tendering can help uncover. By engaging all stakeholders in the process of defining challenges and solutions, idea tendering helps organisations to better understand business as well as customer needs – and new ways of addressing them.

A unique technological platform

At Implement, we have developed a unique technological platform for idea tendering that supports an open dialogue with your internal and external partners. Presenting the full scope of challenges and solutions, this platform can help you formulate a tender that targets your real challenges and defines solutions that really make a difference – to your business and your customers.

Idea Tendering

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