High performers in strategic execution

Succeeding with projects and portfolios is all about getting the right projects done, in the right way, with a high impact. In a recent study, we highlight recurring trends in project behaviour – and share best practices from high-performing project organisations.

High performers in strategic execution

Development initiatives in Danish private and public organisations are increasingly carried out through project work. This calls for a high degree of organisational and managerial control. The organisation also needs to have a strategic approach to project and portfolio management and the skills to execute effectively.

The performance and development potential study

In 2016, Implement Consulting Group conducted a comprehensive study of the performance and development potential in Danish organisations when it comes to project and portfolio management.

The study gives a clear indication of what the organisation needs to have in place to ensure that the projects deliver impact.

It needs to be geared to handle project work; and it has to develop the right parameters for measuring impact. In the study, we highlight the key parameters that characterise high-performing project organisations. We also show how a successful project organisation can ensure great governance of the entire portfolio.

Go here to get the key findings from the study. Or get in touch with one of our project and portfolio specialists if you want to learn more about how we can help your organisation increase the impact of your projects. 

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  • Impact through professional project behaviour

    Implement Consulting Group has conducted a comprehensive study of Danish organisations’ development capabilities and performance in the area of project and portfolio management. The study for 2016 provides a clear picture of what is important in order to achieve success with projects, and how successful project organisations ensure effective governance of the total project portfolio.

  • Project Governance

    For project steering committees to perform excellently all members need to offer their full commitment to the project – they all need to be pigs. In addition four other skills and competencies need to be present in the steering committee.

  • Operations management made simple

    As specialists, we tend to make operations management more complex than necessary. What leaders really need in their work with operations management is simplicity and overview rather than a vast number of tools.

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