Full Engagement

Full Engagement accelerates leadership, teamwork and performance

Only about 15-20 per cent of employees are fully engaged at work. At Implement, we can show you how to engage the rest to accelerate performance in your organisation.

Full Engagement

People who are engaged in what they do are more effective; they deliver better quality results; and they display higher levels of overall performance. In addition, they tend to be more satisfied and happy at work.

Being engaged and delivering high performance are influenced more by how we manage energy than by how we manage time. Most of us have tried spending a lot of time on a particular task without achieving the result we wanted. On other occasions, we experience that we’re able to achieve the desired result on a very short deadline – simply because the task took place in an atmosphere of collaboration, optimism and joy.

Managing different levels of energy

At Implement, we can help your employees become fully engaged and achieve their full potential. We do this by showing them how to develop and manage their levels of energy without burning out.

Energy manifests itself in four different forms:

  1. Physical energy – fuelled by nutrition, movement, sleep and recovery – is what makes the brain and body work at their best. So what’s good for the body is good for the brain too.
  2. Emotional energy influences our ability to connect with other people and our ability to create an environment of trust, optimism and progress.
  3. Mental energy is all about how good we are at being present – our ability to focus on the people we work with and the tasks at hand.
  4. Spiritual energy  is the strongest driver of engagement. Our spiritual energy originates in our feeling of purpose and meaning in life. We experience good spiritual energy, when we feel that our work is truly meaningful. By aligning our goals with our values we can focus our spiritual energy on what matters most – at work as well as outside work.

If you want to learn more about how Implement can help you accelerate performance through energy management and full performance, please get in touch.

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