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Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)

Capture the full value of a Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)

With Implement Consulting Group’s FSSC assessment model, you can design the optimal financial shared service set-up for your organisation.

Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)

A shared service centre is an insourcing option that organisations use to gather certain activities across departments and business units.

By providing services more efficiently, shared service centres can dramatically reduce costs, improve services and even generate revenue – for example, by building critical mass, optimising processes and implementing new roles and responsibilities.

Are you ready?

An FSSC is a strategic decision that requires extensive knowledge about your organisation’s readiness to cope with the impact of an FSSC. That is why careful preparation is critical. Is an FSSC, in fact, the right solution for your organisation? Is the organisation ready to cope with the consequences? Is now the right time? If all of the above triggers a “yes”, you need to decide what type of operating model would be most suitable to accommodate your organisation’s specific needs and overall strategy.

In our experience, many organisations do not invest enough time and effort in addressing these important questions – which is why they do not derive the benefits they expect from an FSSC.

The FSSC assessment model

Implement has developed a strategic shared service centre assessment model that can help you review if and how your organisation could benefit from a Financial Shared Service Centre.

Going through the model’s five phases, you will be able to assess the benefits and impact of an FSSC in your particular case and identify the specific challenges involved, so they can be integrated into your implementation plan. This way, your organisation will stand a better chance of capturing the full value of an FSSC.

The Implement strategic FSSC assessment model

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