Change with Impact


Facilitate workshops and meetings to generate impact

Workshops, meetings and seminars drive momentum in a change project. Even more so, if they are facilitated skilfully.


Workshops, meetings and seminars are held to create ownership of required changes – and ensure
buy-in from managers, employees or customers. Most organisations involve a facilitator to make sure that this happens. 

A catalyst for change

To qualify as an excellent facilitator, you not only need to manage the meeting; you also need to help the group achieve specific results – without taking a stand or becoming involved in their practical work. The facilitator is the catalyst that drives the session to an effective result. This calls for an astute awareness of setting, purpose and the people involved.

At Implement, we offer training in effective facilitation, which integrates key skills such as:

  • Planning and managing a process to achieve results
  • Handling different expectations and personal preferences among participants
  • Handling resistance within a group
  • Asking questions during a session that challenge and/or summarise important decisions, findings or conclusions.

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