Change with Impact

Dialogue mapping

Transform a fragmented group into ambassadors of change

The primary purpose of dialogue mapping is to help employees contribute their ideas. But it also acts as a catalyst for further discussions and positive development within and across organisational units.

Dialogue mapping

In times of change or crisis, it is not unusual for individuals to go on the defence, blaming others for circumstances that they do not quite understand or perceive to be chaotic. Organisations undergoing change need to take this on board – and know how to re-establish stability and a shared focus, if teams show signs of fragmentation or individual employees become insecure.

Driving change through open dialogue

Dialogue mapping is a tool that helps employees become more open about their concerns. It also shows them how to get directly involved in finding a constructive solution to a given issue.

The tool is simple and easy to use. The group  gathers around a large sheet of paper full of questions, arguments and tasks that will guide them through their discussions. After a few hours of debate, they will have mapped the given issue and developed a better understanding of the current situation in the organisation – and know what it takes to move forward.

By stimulating an open and informed discussion, dialogue mapping helps to move people from a state of insecurity to one of understanding – the place they need to be to make change happen. 

To learn more about dialogue mapping and stay up-to-date on change management issues, visit our Swedish blog on Change Management.


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