Change with impact

Continuous improvement infrastructure

The route to excellence is closer to home than you think

Continuous improvement based on the competences and engagement of employees is the most direct and sustainable path to exceptional performance.

Continuous improvement infrastructure

While many companies are busy managing a growing portfolio of blockbuster change initiatives, they often completely miss out on the hundreds of improvement ideas that an average employee is able to articulate when prompted. In doing this, not only are they passing up a sound business case, they are losing out on hundreds of opportunities to fast-track organisational learning and increase their employees’ adaptability to change.

At Implement Consulting Group, we know what world class looks like. We believe that by engaging everyone to improve every corner of the business every single day, you can tap into an endless resource of performance improvement that will build on your competitive advantage.

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    A relentless focus on customer value and lead time reduction will drive transparency, efficiency and clarity - ultimately providing better services with less effort

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    Operations management does not need to be complex. As specialists, we tend to make operations management more complex than necessary. What leaders really need in their work with operations management is simplicity and overview rather than a vast number of tools.

  • Bringing performance management alive

    When turning strategies and plans into action targets and benchmarks are essential. Without knowledge of our starting point and which targets to meet, we lose focus on the desired effect and risk carrying out a project only for the sake of the project. Therefore, this article brings up the subject as to how we bring performance measurements alive in an organisation.

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