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Change management training

Change management training for practical insights into the dynamics of change

By putting your change agents through the change management training, you will ensure they have effective tools that will support them (and the rest of your organisation) in the implementation process.

Change management training

Our change management training will equip your managers and change agents with the tools they need to implement change. They will also gain insights into how they can succeed in their role in the organisation.

The training, which typically lasts 1-3 days, draws on real-life change cases to produce practical insights into the dynamics of resisting, accepting and advocating change.

We often use a digital interactive simulation tool that provides insights into the challenges of change management and how to deal with them. The tool is developed at INSEAD’s Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT) and combines interactive digital tools with contemporary behavioural science.

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  • How to lead change

    Is the role of the change leader becoming less relevant, when more people become involved at an earlier stage? We do not think so. In fact, we believe that the role of good leadership is probably more important than ever.

  • The authentic manager makes mistakes

    If, as a manager, you are brutally honest about a strategic change, you risk that parts of, or the entire basis for, the change is called into question, or that it becomes evident that there are things you do not know about the forthcoming change.

  • Keep it simple

    Complex solutions often find their way to the drawing board, but they never see the light of day – because they are too complex to implement. If the basic idea and the purpose of a solution cannot be explained in a simple way, then how is it possible to implement the idea in large organisations or in entire populations?

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