Change with Impact

Change dialogue

Engage your employees so they are ready for change

Getting support from the whole organisation during major change is difficult. By making employees the agents of change and involving them in the change dialogue will make the transition easier.

Change dialogue

When an organisation embarks on a change initiative, such as a new strategy or a restructuring process, having a shared vision and a common view throughout the whole organisation is vital.

At Implement Consulting Group, we offer a number of effective change dialogue tools and methods that can be used for creating understanding and support in all parts of the organisation. By talking and discussing in peer groups, leaders and employees make the change their own and – in effect – become part of the change process. The result? Your people are engaged in fruitful and sense-making dialogues that will produce long-term benefits.

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  • Motivational Interviewing in leadership

    Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an interaction strategy, enabling you as a manager to become better at evoking inner motivation within your employees and your teams. MI is, therefore, useful whenever you need to implement changes within your organisation.

  • Facilitation

    Imagine you have been invited to participate in a half-day kickoff event of a fairly long training programme. The agenda of the day is not very clear, the room is too small, there are no beverages, and the oxygen is running out.

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