Change with Impact

Change coaching

Change coaching gives your managers the leadership skills to drive change

During change initiatives, it is important for organisations to recognise that their managers are facing different challenges depending on their individual experience and abilities. Change coaching gives managers the individual support they need.

Change coaching

At Implement Consulting Group, we offer change coaching – a 1-1 and group coaching method that is directly linked to your organisation’s specific strategic challenge. We coach and support your managers through the change process by helping them navigate through their individual obstacles and making sure the focus is kept on the target.

To ensure that the change coaching session focuses on the right things – and produces results – we offer an assessment using the Farax Change Management 360° tool. The tool is based on Scandinavian research and centres around three key dimensions: change, structure and relationship.

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  • Why is change still difficult

    We know that roughly two-thirds of all major change initiatives do not have the desired impact – and that the cause is often a lack of competence and/or time invested in change management.

  • Change, facts and impact

    If we look at major organisational changes or large-scale system implementations, basic impact measurements are often “forgotten”.

  • The art of implementing real change

    When a butterfly flaps its wings in London, the ultimate consequence may be that it triggers a hurricane in the Caribbean months later. When changes are to be made in an organisation, we face a similar complexity and are, thus, subject to some of the same chaotic natural laws that govern the weather.

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