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Business-driven IT architecture

A business-driven IT architecture supports your business strategy

At Implement Consulting Group, we have extensive experience in designing business-driven IT architectures and calculating the return-on-investment for such initiatives.

Business-driven IT architecture

We also identify the most important connections between business needs and concepts such as SOA, SOAP, XML, web services, SAN etc.

Our general IT management services include:

  • Strategy and business case studies
  • IT architecture analyses and mapping
  • Design of strategy-driven architecture
  • Production of manuals, procedures and guidelines
  • Consultancy services in connection with selection of EA tools

Mapping business processes

Your IT architecture defines how your business is supported by digitisation. Once we have in-depth knowledge of your various procedures and processes, we can help you set up an efficient and business-driven IT architecture.

We can help you:

  • Map and analyse your business processes
  • Optimise your processes
  • Create frameworks for organising and obtaining overview of business processes
  • Identify links between business processes, systems and information (data)

Information architecture

Information and data are crucial for digital business support. Without a well-structured and documented information architecture, it is difficult to create coherent digital solutions that benefit your customers.

We can help you:

  • Draw up a strategy for your information architecture
  • Define the framework, processes and procedures for efficiently structuring the information architecture
  • Prepare conceptual, logical and physical information models
  • Advise you on data modelling

Systems architecture

Once your IT architecture is in place, you need to acquire and implement your IT systems. To make sure your money is well spent, it is important that you choose your suppliers and systems with care. 

We can help you:

  • Design your system architecture
  • Implement your IT system
  • Draft the requirements specification
  • Find the right suppliers and system


  • All models are fake. But som can be useful

    When using predictive modelling and analytics to prevent customers from churning, all too often, organisations are caught in a state of apophenia followed by analysis paralysis. The trick to overcome this is to let go of the “we need more and better data” excuse and instead start by asking yourself “what can and will we do if, in fact, we already knew who is about to churn?”

  • Den innovative it-afdeling (in Danish)

    Hvis innovation er centralt for en virksomheds strategi og performance – hvordan sikrer man sig så som it-chef, at it-afdelingen bidrager? It-chefen, har med virksomhedernes øgede fokus på innovation og innovativ adfærd, fået serveret et dilemma af dimensioner.

  • Is your organisation ready for agile IT projects?

    What defines the agile method and under which circumstances should an agile method be considered? The wish for an alternative to the traditional development and implementation waterfall model has existed for many years under the common denominator agile methods.

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