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Business case model

Developing an effective business case

Is your new project worth the investment? With Implement Consulting Group's Business Case model, you get the platform for making a qualified decision.

Business case model

A business case should help determine the potential value of a new project or initiative. Implement Consulting Group has designed a method for developing business cases that integrate projection of business outcome with:

  • Relevant communication to stakeholders
  • Communication between development team and the managers responsible for the project
  • Documentation of progress, measuring and follow-up on results

In close collaboration with your project manager, we help collect and validate data and ensure that the business case model has the right scope and level of complexity for the project in question.

Design a valid business case

Business case model

An integrated decision-making tool

The business case is a tool that makes it possible to document, measure and follow up on the impact of the investments you pour into new projects.

Implement’s unique approach allows for:

  • Qualified decision-making
  • Early assessment of business impact, now and in the future
  • Definition of KPIs and internal measuring systems
  • Detailed communication of results to all stakeholders

Business case model



  • How to build a compelling business case

    One of the major pitfalls of working with a business case is that it becomes too complex, and it is unclear who owns the effects of the project. Fundamentally, focus has to shift from calculations to conditions for calculations – what assumptions have we made in order to create the basis for decision-making?

  • Project Governance

    For project steering committees to perform excellently all members need to offer their full commitment to the project – they all need to be pigs. In addition four other skills and competencies need to be present in the steering committee.

  • Basic governance of projects

    The four handles most top level managers install first to get a grip on the projects in their organisations.

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Featured clients

How a new and powerful project organisation transformed the company
In just two years, KMD has adapted to completely new market and investor demands. This was achieved by transforming a chaotic myriad of projects into a transparent, value-driven portfolio overview spearheaded by capable project managers. The effect is increased internal satisfaction combined with multi-million savings obtained through a tighter focus on costs and optimisation of project execution.
Business case culture at Copenhagen Citizen Service
Development of business case culture
Copenhagen Citizen Service is spearheading a large number of digitisation projects in the City of Copenhagen, where there is a demand for more efficient work procedures. In cooperation with Copenhagen Citizen Service, Implement designed a training programme where we worked with the method on actual cases, thus anchoring and ensuring ownership of the method in Copenhagen Citizen Service.