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Blended learning and e-learning

Blended learning delivers more learning and greater impact

If organisational transformations are to succeed, managers and staff need better training in new processes and ways of working. Blended learning is a learning and teaching style that combines traditional face-to-face teaching with online modules.

Blended learning and e-learning

At Implement Consulting Group, we have integrated blended learning into many of our education and training programmes. We have found the combination of face-to-face and online learning very effective. Blended learning offers the flexibility that a busy work schedule calls for; it also allows for customisation of training to meet the needs of the company, division and employee.

In our experience, blended learning delivers a number of specific benefits:

  • More learning and greater impact – employees are able to prepare and practise before each training module, which gives them a better basis for assimilating new knowledge
  • Greater flexibility – assignments can be integrated into each employee’s routines and produced when and where it suits them
  • Customisation – each employee can learn at the pace that suits them
  • Cost-effective – only a few days away from the workplace achieves the same amount of learning
  • Interactive – online work fora allow employees to exchange experiences and assignments across divisions and national borders
  • Measurable – the learning portal allows staff to test their new competences and the organisation can undertake assessments of learning impact during the transformation process

What the video to learn more about how we incorporate e-learning (the video is in Danish)

Learn more about Implement Learning Insititute and the course Intensiv projektledelse med blended learning (the course is in Danish).

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