Transformation Programme Directors Forum

Exchanging best practice methods

A network for programme directors working with complex transformation programmes.

We have established a forum where programme directors who work with large-scale transformation programmes can meet, discuss and get inspired by trends and best practice in programme management. The forum focuses on key challenges within specific areas, including topics of change management, benefit realisation, communication, cost controlling and risk mitigation.

We invite you to participate in 3 – 4 events every year in the form of meetings, conferences, study trips etc. We expect that participants will be able to improve their capabilities in delivering complex transformation programmes with the expected benefits on time and on budget. Here you will have the opportunity to get inspired by presentations on various subjects, work with relevant issues and discuss best practice.

At Implement Consulting Group, we focus on helping our customers succeed in realising transformational programme implementations on time, on budget and with the desired impact with a balanced and accepted risk profile.

You will meet peers from other companies with the same challenges as your own, and you will have the opportunity to share your experience with them and learn from successes and challenges from other complex transformation programmes. Participants in the forum are encouraged to suggest and contribute with topics and presentations at the events.

Participation in the Transformation Programme Directors Forum

The target group consists of programme sponsors, programme managers and executives responsible for benefit realisation of large transformation programmes with high complexity. Participation in the forum is non-binding and free of charge. Please send an e-mail to the contact person in the right column.

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  • How to lead change

    Is the role of the change leader becoming less relevant, when more people become involved at an earlier stage? We do not think so. In fact, we believe that the role of good leadership is probably more important than ever. Leaders who give direction, and who incarnate the desired change with authenticity and integrity.

  • The CEO’s viewpoint on leading change

    As advisors in a Nordic management consulting firm, we work with a large number of business leaders every year, helping them develop and improve their organisations and businesses. The challenges and possibilities facing these leaders come in many different shapes, but we find that there is one constant – it all involves change.

  • Why is change (still) difficult?

    We know that roughly two-thirds of all major change initiatives do not have the desired impact – and that the cause is often a lack of competence and/or time invested in change management.

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