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Creating impact through strategy

We invite you to participate in 3-4 events every year in the form of morning meetings, conferences etc. focusing on creating impact through strategy as the overall theme.

Here, you will have the opportunity to be inspired by presentations on various strategy themes, learn from other companies and discuss best practices. You will meet people from organisations with challenges similar to your own, and you will get the opportunity to share your experience with peers.


The Strategy Forum is targeted at strategy and business development leaders who want to get inspired by new approaches to making strategy work across the organisation or at corporate, business unit and functional strategy level. Participation in the network is non-binding and free of charge. Separate invitations will be sent out for each event, and members are free to choose whether they would like to participate in the individual event. If you are interested in joining the Strategy Forum, please send an email to the contact person on this webpage.

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Martin Lyngaa Simonsen
Martin Lyngaa Simonsen
+45 2338 0036


  • Corporate theatre or real strategy?

    There’s a common belief that strategy happens at management level, leaving everybody else to take care of the execution. The reality is that execution involves a series of key choices that are just as important as the strategic choices – leading to a better design and a better chance of success.

  • 5 things we should consider when strategising

    Research tells us that less than a third of business strategies deliver the expected results. This isn’t hard to believe when we see that most strategies are top-down, have limited employee involvement, are only based on historical data analysis, and are staged as one big show with no real choices being made. Isn’t it time to do things differently?

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