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Creating world-class supply chains

Implement Consulting Group facilitates an exclusive network for supply chain directors.

The idea of the network is – by creating an atmosphere of confidentiality and exclusivity – to facilitate knowledge sharing and the building of valuable relations between high-level operational managers and professionals from companies in Scandinavia. This work is centred around a common passion for continuously striving for world-class excellence within the fields of operation, supply chain and planning.

The network consists of four 24 hour meetings on selected manors. In addition to these meetings, study trips to foreign universities or companies can occur. Additional expenses covering these activities must be expected. The network is facilitated by Senior Partner Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen, who has more than 20 years of experience working as a consultant on supply chain and operational excellence.

Participation and price

Participation in the network is restricted to high-level managers in operations, and admission of new members requires the full accept from the rest of the group. The price for participating in the network is DKK 29,500 excl. VAT per year.

The price covers all expenses connected to the four gatherings, including material, accommodation, meals and external guest speakers. Please contact Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen if you are interested in participating in the network.

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Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen
Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen
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    Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is all about balancing supply and demand and to take and execute decisions to keep this balance in line with company strategies and targets.

  • Royal Greenland: Master planning

    At the beginning of 2013, Royal Greenland initiated the project “Breaking the curve” to conduct a pre-study of how the inventory level could be lowered in the North Atlantic flow. The outcome of the project was a number of initiatives to be implemented.

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Royal Unibrew
Among the best with SAP Global ATP
Royal Unibrew wants to be among the very best. Therefore, they have chosen to do something about the problems that many companies know all too well: failure to observe the promised date of delivery to the customers, unfavourable times of delivery for highly prioritised customers, urgent orders, large amount of capital employed and exceeding the expiry date of goods in stock. The solution to the problems is Global ATP in SAP.