Change Communication Network

Delivering change with impact

At Implement Consulting Group, we know that many of our clients are inspired by discussing challenges with peers and sharing best-practice examples within specific areas.


That is why we have established the change communication network where we gather people who are passionate about succeeding in implementing change by using change communication.

On this page we will keep you up to date with news, articles and notifications about future events.

Participation in the Change Communication Network

The change communication network is relevant to the C-level/senior management, working with change and change communication. If you are interested in participating in the Change Communication Network, please send an e-mail to Elmar Jung or Troels Dahl Nielsen.

Previous events



  • Five principles to ensure profitable change communication

    Change communication is key when implementing change with impact in organisations. Nevertheless, communication too often is added as a last-minute varnish when implementing a new strategy, a new process or a new system. After having worked with change communication for years, these are our reflections on and free-to-use principles of how to design communication with impact in organisations.

  • Action as a means of communication in change processes

    There are situations where action is the most direct or only viable way of creating awareness and changing attitudes.

  • The art of implementing real change

    Vast changes which in a single stroke impact the entire organisation or much of it should, as far as possible, be initiated only as a matter of life or death for the company.

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