Vault ranking

Our colleagues have sent us to the top 10 of best European companies to work for

For the first time, we have been ranked by Vault, an American review and ranking company. And thanks to all of our great colleagues, we have made it directly into the top 10 of best European companies to work for.

Many factors come into play when choosing a new employer as well as staying at the new employer over a period of time. These are the factors Vault measures when ranking the top 25 European consultancies to work for. The recipients of the Vault survey are consultants currently working for reputable consultancies.

If you want to join a company (or family) where your colleagues care about you and you receive a lot of responsibility quickly with a firm mentor on the side, then you should join Implement Consulting Group.

Two silver medals

For the first time, we have participated in the Vault ranking, and we are so thankful to receive such a generous rating. We have learnt that our colleagues and other consultants rate us high in work-life balance, hours in the office, the formal training, internal mobility and general satisfaction. Also, we carried off two silver medals – one for firm culture and one for business outlook.

Here are some of the things that our colleagues highlight:

“I think the best thing about Implement’s quality of life is the culture and vibe that you sense in the second you walk into the lobby or the canteen. People are open, relaxed, helpful and authentic – and nobody told them to be so.”

“Implement has a very flat hierarchy, meaning that the traditional career ladder doesn’t really exist. You create your own career. If, for instance, you take responsibility upon you (starting up a new serviceline/practice area or implementing new internal processes), you are encouraged to do so, practically without having to ask for permission.”

“Implement Consulting Group really sets itself apart by having a deep focus on collaborative consulting and driving change with high impact, which I truly believe can excel us compared to our competitors.”

“Each year, all consultants define their own development focus/path, which gives direction to the projects one is staffed on or the time available to focus on different areas of development. It means that we all have a rather focused development path guided by our own interests and ambitions.”

“Total freedom in terms of working time slots – if not staying with a client, you are free to work whenever it suits you. Absolutely a must when you have kids!”

Thank you for all your kind words about us! 

2018 Vault Consulting 25 Europe

25 consultancies have been ranked by Vault.

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