Sharing a Danish success story with Togo

How to gain up to four years of learning in only two weeks

For years, we have succeeded in accelerating the learning of Danish boys in just two weeks at our Boys Academy. Now, we will share the concepts from the Boys Academy with the teachers of Togo.

From September 2017, we approach Togo to start up a pilot project with BØRNEfonden (The Children and Youth Foundation) and the Togolese Ministry of Education. Together, we want to strengthen the academic level of the Togolese schools and make sure that the young generation graduates.

Education is essential for the future of Togo, which at the moment is one of the world’s poorest counties. With the project, we tap into this urgency, drawing on the learnings from our own Boys Academy where we have helped Danish boys gain 1-4 years of learning in only two weeks.

At the Boys Academy, we try to make learning more fun and rewarding, create good habits that stick with the boys and re-establish their belief in own capabilities – and it has impact!
Now it’s time that we pass on the success to other parts of the world.

Passing on six core aspects

Starting from September 2017, a total of 100 Togolese teachers will attend a five-day camp. Here, we want to enable them to act as change agents in their students’ lives.

During the five days, the teachers will experience the accelerated learning process first-hand, while we provide them with the necessary tools to facilitate and complete an accelerated learning process for their students. Subsequently, the teachers will bring the tools to work with their students at technical schools across Togo.

The education is divided into six workshops where the teachers will explore he core aspects of accelerated learning methodology and their implementation:

During the five days, the teachers will learn about:

  • Life skills
  • The teacher role
  • Pedagogical tools
  • Personal energy
  • Entrepreneurship

Two researchers from the Danish School of Education will conduct a review of the project, closely following the teachers and assessing their ability to embrace the new learning tools. Afterwards, they will also measure to which degree the students at the Togolese technical schools improve their academic levels and if they can identify a decrease in the dropout rates.

What the future holds

We aim to scale up the project to the rest of Togo with the expertise and knowledge gained from the pilot project. We want to ensure that not only today’s generation but also future generations will benefit from the learning outcomes of the programme. Therefore, the project is also carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and feed into the new Education programme, which currently is under development.

Sofie Groth
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