Emma's Moment of Impact

Change is all about understanding people

“I was completely new in Implement, just coming out of the university, when I was invited onto this project helping a manufacturing company that was challenged on deliveries. With the company being situated in Germany, we packed our bags and went there.

What we saw were people running around firefighting all the time. You could see in their eyes that they were really frustrated, tired and stressed out, primarily due to the fact that they didn’t fully understand why things weren’t going their way. These almost chaotic conditions with issues occurring everywhere had, besides being very expensive for the company, caused the managing director to develop blood pressure problems. As the new consultant I was, I remember thinking, “This team is seriously challenged. There is so much to be done but how do we create impact as fast as possible?”. My senior colleagues really inspired me. They immediately identified the problem to be about planning as well as difficulties with prioritizing tasks. So, we worked towards implementing simple tools that could give them a fast turn-around. Ultimately, with the intention to encourage them to become more proactive.

From this, positive results started to show. Besides the 1 million euros they saved each month – which is amazing in itself – I will never forget how the team transformed. The energy, smiles and engagement now saturated the work environment, which was in huge contrast to before – even the managing director no longer struggled with too high blood pressure. This being my first project I have learned that change is all about people and understanding what makes them tick as well as what obstacles they are facing. Since then – up until now – and going forward, this has and forever will be important to me."