Charlotte's Moment of Impact

Behind resistance is a dream

"Since last year I have been on a super exciting project with an organization, where the employees face structural, strategic and cultural changes.

However we had a challenging start with a tough first workshop. At that first session the employees greeted us with crossed arms, skepticism, negativity and low energy. We could sense that many of them perceived this project to be ‘just another’ management initiative. So, how did the one-day workshop go? Well, at the end I believe their smiles said everything, ‘finally someone listens to us’.

I love the impact we had on our group that day. Here, it also became clear to me, that what I previously have taken for granted – is key to drive change. During that workshop we explained the 'why', we gave them new tools and inspired them with new insights. But most importantly, we focused on understanding what’s beyond those skeptical looks and negative comments. Behind that frustration lies a wish for something better. We prioritized trust through listening and putting them in focus. That, together with some powerful tools in terms of having fun, laughing and boosting the energy, this workshop – despite its rough start – ended up being an amazing start for their transformation."