Boosting the toolbox

We have partnered up with Actee on their new digital change simulation platform to boost our gamification toolbox.

Gamification can be a powerful tool to gain better understanding of challenges and best strategies in change projects. We are boosting our toolbox with a new certification course and partnership with Actee.

Change projects – much like humans – are complex. However, by creating a better understanding of the challenges ahead and identifying the best strategies for involvement and execution, your project will get off to a good start.

Boosting gamification with a new parnership

We find that gamification is a powerful tool in change projects, as it creates awareness, ownership, and involvement. At Implement Consulting Group, we have therefore partnered up with Actee on their new digital change simulation platform. This partnership enables us to assist our customers in their change journey in a new and energised way. Furthermore, we have created a certification course, so that you yourself can learn to facilitate change processes.

Through the partnership with Actee and Implement, we offer

  • Experience in 22 countries where Actee products are used
  • Experience with more than 20,000 end users
  • 20 ready-to-use game scenarios
  • 275,000 choices made in our simulation games
  • Support from 700+ experienced Implement consultants in four countries
  • Experience in certification and facilitation of learning solutions

Certification course

Implement offers a certification course that will allow you to teach, coach and facilitate change processes by using the learning concept ActeeChange and ChangeLive.

Sign up for the Change Facilitator course through Implement Learning Institute

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Who is Actee?

Actee aims to make workplace learning engaging, involving and effective. The platform and its content provide you with tools that enable you to create a perfect learning design for successful change management and leadership training. Actee works with serious games developed for simulation technology that can be designed to fit your needs, ambitions and objectives.

ActeeChange is a learning concept of leading complex change processes in organisations. Through realistic simulations of managerial dilemmas, you can focus on both implementing the change and managing key stakeholders. The theory-based platform uses a game structure to engage employees and help anchor the change in the workplace.

Learn more about Actee’s workplace learning platform