Anders' Moment of Impact

I am not the 5-year-planning-guy, I like to get practical

“We never give our client a full package and then say: Here you have 10 new tools, now go apply them and you will be successful. Instead, I believe it is a collaborative journey we embark on. One where feedback, involvement and an emphasis on practical applicable tools are crucial elements. This was also the case with an insurance company we worked with recently.

Our task was to train a team of 15 sellers. So, over a period of 5 months we held 7 workshops with the ambition to make their sales approach more structured. However, we were not building a toolkit for the sellers but with them. There is a big difference. They had to feel that ‘yes, this is something we have created, not some fluffy consultant stuff that was pulled over our heads’. From this collaborative starting point, we emphasized quite hard throughout the whole project, that the tools also had to be as practical applicable as possible – some they could use the very next day. For me this was one of the really cool things about the project. Actually, I believe this is the essence of our work. If what we do as consultants only make sense on the whiteboard – we fail."