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The reflective leader

See yourself from the outside

This application-oriented book provides practical inspiration for developing your leadership practice. It gives you the opportunity to take a step backwards from daily routines and consider what kind of leadership is needed in your organisation right now.

Ole Steen Andersen, Lars Goldschmidt & Søren Barlebo Rasmussen
DKK 500 excl. Danish VAT

About the book

The authors challenge a number of common ‘natural’ notions on people and leadership, e.g. ‘leaders must know more than others’ and ‘management and leadership are areas of expertise for leaders, and that is important’. ‘These assumptions towards leadership are widely held’, the authors say, ‘not least because they are not quite wrong. As a leader, you must be aware that you do not unconsciously and unreflectedly get absorbed with these assumptions’.

The authors are partly inspired by their wish to break with these ‘natural’ leadership assumptions, partly by leadership and development practices in a wide range of specialist fields – from process consultation over theatre, sports and psychology to engineering science.

The book is an invitation to actively reflect on your leadership practice. For this purpose, the book contains a number of practical exercises to help you embark on your reflection process.

The book is only available in Danish.

Published by L&R Business