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Leading people who are smarter than you

Opportunity leadership in development organisations

Specialists – the competent employees – do not flourish through restriction, sanction and control. Specialists must be given room for manoeuvre and opportunities in order to be creative and innovative.

Ole Steen Andersen & Søren Barlebo Rasmussen
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About the book

In order for specialists and creative employees to perform optimally, it is crucial for their leader to have the ability to provide a large degree of freedom, possess human insight and think people before systems. However, unlimited freedom may result in the organisation being deprived of cooperation and team spirit.

Being a leader for specialists is, thus, a difficult balancing act, and faced with this challenge, many leaders have thrown in the towel. It is, however, possible to lead specialists in a manner allowing them to perform their very best. Ole Steen Andersen and Søren Barlebo Rasmussen refer to this kind of leadership as opportunity leadership – a leadership style which is most optimal for development organisations.

Performing opportunity leadership is creating an organisation where specialists utilise each other’s resources rather than each individual running his own small business.

The book describes the ideas in opportunity leadership and also provides a number of practical examples of how to adopt this mindset and how to implement it.

The book is only available in Danish.

Published by Egmont Akademisk Forlag Business