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From A to B

Managing strategic transformations

What does it take as a top manager to spearhead strategic transformations? Based on practical experience and research, this book attempts to get a little closer to the answer.

Niklas Leifelt, Stig Albertsen og Lars Kirkegård
DKK 299 excl. Danish VAT

About the book

The result is a number of, at times surprising, conclusions:

  • The way the company is managed and developed matters significantly more in relation to its performance than the development in the industry to which the company belongs.
  • Strategic transformations are of a different nature depending on the situation – however, at the end of the day, they are all basically centred around bringing the customer’s voice into the company.
  • It is a reassuring thought that the top manager objectively chooses which transformation is the right for the company – however, if the top manager as a person does not incarnate that specific change the company is about to embark on, the journey will not become successful.
  • By definition, transformations bring significant shifts to a company’s position – however, the driving force often comes from trying to identify the company’s core. What the company really mastered before complexity took over.
  • Transformations require that the top manager sets the direction – however, they essentially depend on the ability to create an atmosphere and energy that actually make managers and employees move from A to B.

The book is also available in Danish: Verden er til at forandre. Same price as the English edition.

Published by Implement Press