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The reflective leader

See yourself from the outside

This application-oriented book provides practical inspiration for developing your leadership practice. It gives you the opportunity to take a step backwards from daily routines and consider what kind of leadership is needed in your organisation right now.

Ole Steen Andersen, Lars Goldschmidt & Søren Barlebo Rasmussen
DKK 500 excl. Danish VAT

Lean Innovation

From knowledge to value fast

Lean has created great results within production and administration in organisations all over the world. But what happens when Lean meets innovation? Does it destroy the creativity required for innovation, or can Lean further improve the results in a business?

Claus Sehested & Henrik Sonnenberg
DKK 350 excl. Danish VAT

From A to B

Managing strategic transformations

What does it take as a top manager to spearhead strategic transformations? Based on practical experience and research, this book attempts to get a little closer to the answer.

Niklas Leifelt, Stig Albertsen og Lars Kirkegård
DKK 299 excl. Danish VAT