4 basic areas

Basic governance of projects

Why top managers crave to install basic governance of projects

The four handles most top level managers install first to get a grip on the projects in their organisations.

Basic governance of projects

Listen to a fictional CEO tell his fictional, but experienced division leader, his side of the story – in a very realistic situation:

… for the past 5 years – or more – projects in your organisation has consumed more than 50% of your internal resources and even more of your external budget. What value have you gained from this? I’ve also kept hearing a lot of frustration in your organisation concerning your projects: They are late, cost more than estimated, don’t deliver results and the people involved with projects are dissatisfied and unmotivated. I thought we agreed two years ago, that projects are extremely important to your division – this is how much needed changes are implemented – and today you haven’t even installed the most basic governance mechanisms to control your projects!

If you don’t want to end up in a similar situation, this article provides you with both thoughts and guidelines worth considering.


Once top level managers discover the importance of the project realm within their
organisation, most of them start installing basic management and control mechanisms
for the projects within the same four entwined areas:

4 project areas within basic governance of projects

We refer to these basic management and control mechanisms: Basic governance of projects. This article describe why top managers crave to install basic governance of projects, it describes the content of the four handles, discusses implementation issues and points ahead to the more advanced project governance issues after getting in control of the basics in the project realm.


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