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Healthcare Symposium 2018


15 May

Despite the strong inherent differences between the Swiss and the Danish healthcare systems, one current – and especially future – key to success remains the same in both systems: leadership. Not just how to effectively lead a hospital in the present, but questions arise over how to develop leadership structures, processes and transformations in the future. This investment and attention to leadership will enable not just managers, but also physicians and medical staff to effectively guide their companies and hospitals into the future. Current trends such as rising costs in Switzerland, where premiums are projected to double by 2040, and consolidation of smaller private hospitals into larger holdings further heighten the importance of this topic.

But how does one go about facing such complex challenges? One thing is for sure. It is certainly not through the use of inflexible organisational and leadership structures. This is where the Nordics are one step ahead. In recent years, the Danish government created a leadership development programme aiming to establish new forms of leadership at multiple levels in the healthcare system. Furthermore, different hospitals and healthcare companies heavily invested in their leadership teams in order to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

These experts will hold two keynotes on the following topics:

  • Jan Toftholm Andersen on Leading organisational change – when change is an imperative: Leading seems pretty straightforward in times of growth and prosperity, but it is an entirely different matter, when crisis hits the organisation and tough decisions have to be made in order for the organisation to ride out the storm and regain strength. Jan Toftholm Andersen is senior vice president of one of the biggest university hospitals in Denmark, and he offers a personal narrative of how he worked with leadership and organisational development in a hospital that was under pressure from many angles. Jan’s narrative is also a story of how you can use the quality and improvement agenda to mobilise different stakeholders in the organisation in a process of organisational change. What are the lessons that have been learnt in the Danish context, and how may they be transferred to other hospital systems?

  • Pernille Koch Erichsen and Anders Bildsøe Lassen on Hospital leadership at the Capital Region of Denmark: Together with the largest healthcare unit in Denmark – the Capital Region of Denmark – Implement has co-created an ambitious leadership development programme at four levels: Leading Leaders, Leading Employees, Leading Patient Pathways and Leading Research Units. More than 3,500 leaders have participated in this programme in the past five years. We have gained a lot of learning from these five years – both successes and things we would have done differently. We would love to share some of our experience with you. In 2018, Implement once again got the unique opportunity to co-create a new leadership programme together with the Capital Region of Denmark and University of Birmingham. On this note, we would also like to share some of our new thoughts on how to work with leaders in the healthcare sector, and how to make them even stronger to lead the future healthcare organisations.

Based on these two keynotes, we would like to deep-dive in three market stalls in order to facilitate the transfer to the Swiss market and to encourage the discussions among the participants:

  1. Training senior management teams: From leading individuals to team thinking
    - How do you create real leadership teams in healthcare organisations?
    - How can the leadership team promote cross-functional collaboration?
    - What could be the impact for my organisation?
  2. The hidden drivers of motivation
    - How to effectively retain medical staff?
    - How to lead healthcare employees to superior performance?
    - How to bridge the lack of leadership knowledge in the healthcare sector?
  3. Leadership challenges in Swiss healthcare companies
    - What are the main leadership challenges in my organisation?
    - Is there any best practice concerning leadership in the Swiss market?
    - Which could be the first step towards increasing leadership capabilities in my organisation?

We look forward to welcoming you to the Healthcare Symposium 2018. Click here to register for the event. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact info@implement.swiss.



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15 May 2018
1:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich
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