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Sharing Economy – what is the value of sharing?

What is the value of the sharing economy – which currency is used in this new economy?

  • June 2017 23
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Sharing Economy

What is the value of sharing?

We are moving towards a more circular approach to consumption with focus on using excess resources and creating a more sustainable society. Digitisation enables sharing and sale of resources through various communities such as digital platforms and thus influences the way of interacting in the future.

At this seminar, we will discuss the value of the sharing economy and how it challenges the existing capitalistic model. Additionally, we will discuss how to reap the benefits of the circular approach.

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The Sharing Economy Forum

The sharing economy currently is one of the most talked-about topics, which is why we want to bring even more attention to it. The purpose of the forum is to create room for discussions on the sharing economy, bring together our and the participants’ competences and experience and to explore the opportunities and potential of the sharing economy. We want to pursue actual solutions rather than “what might work”.

The Sharing Economy Forum provides an opportunity to learn more about the sharing economy, whether a sharing economy business model can be applied to your organisation and, if that is the case, how to get started. We believe that the best way to create a future within the sharing economy is by designing it together.

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