Real Strategy: It’s OK to leave in the middle of the show
Real Strategy: It’s OK to leave in the middle of the show
Strategy and transformation

Real Strategy or Corporate Theatre?

Working with real strategies for real people

More than 700 C-level managers and experienced strategists participated in three exclusive sessions with Roger Martin, the best-selling author of “Playing to Win” and ranked in the top 3 of the most influential global business thinkers.

October 2016 20
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Real Strategy or Corporate Theatre?

700+ leaders, 3 Nordic capitals, 1 common mission

The objective of the events was to start calling the bluff on Corporate Theatre – a common state in many large organisations where managers play carefully choreographed roles fighting for resources and status, but often leave the real strategic issues untouched.

Why is that topic so important to us?

Because when we succumb to just playing “the budget game”, the tough prioritisations never really openly surface. Or when we play “the strategy game”, the most difficult strategic choices are never openly explored. So when Corporate Theatre takes over, conversations simply become less explorative, less choiceful and less engaging – and that puts a brake on agility and innovation.

We want to help pull things in a different direction – a direction where real conversations and choices dominate corporate life.

A special thanks to

CEO Johnny Ottesen, Voice Norge and SVP Sales & Marketing Line M. Aarnes, Circle K Europe for sharing personal observations and insights from within their own organisations.

Start getting real on strategy by reading or downloading the presentation below:

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Roger Martin

Roger Martin is acknowledged as one of the most influential global business thinkers. He is former Dean of the Rotman School of Management and now strategic adviser, speaker and bestselling author. In the 15 years that Martin led the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, he transformed the institution from a small Canadian B-school to a global player. Implement Consulting Group has worked closely with Roger Martin for several years starting with his appearance a as guest speaker at Implement Thought Leaders in 2011 and continuing with the training of Implement’s consultants in his approach to strategic thinking.

Learn more about Roger Martin and his work here.