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Lean Tour Japan spring 2017

Your best learning experience ever

Deepen your Lean expertise in Japan in the spring, 23-29 April 2017

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    Tokyo Japan

Lean Tour Japan spring 2017

Your best learning experience ever

We constantly seek inspiration to develop and drive operational efficiency and nurture a culture of continuous improvement. We look at different organisations, sectors and regions for thought leaders and unique performance. Among these is Japan, which has a history of a continuous improvement culture and is the birthplace of the Lean philosophy. This is a unique opportunity to get closer to several handpicked Lean benchmark companies in Japan. You will gain firsthand insight into different companies, and how they work with various aspects of Lean.

Programme design

Each day is designed so that you get a presentation of the company you are going to visit. Then you will visit the company and its shop floor. During the company visit, you will have an exclusive opportunity to engage and discuss with the management and listen to their experience with the Lean journey. After the company visit, a session will be facilitated by functional experts in order to extract key learnings from the visit, and, by the end of the week, you will have an even better understanding of Lean, and how to take Lean implementation to the next level in your organisation. In the evenings, various social activities will take place to give you a touch of Japanese culture and an opportunity to strengthen your network and share your experience.

This tour has changed my approach to Lean

COO, consumer goods company

Learning themes during the tour

One of the success criteria for the tour is a better understanding of the key enablers of successful Lean transformation and implementation that you can bring back to your organisation. To ensure learning, there will be group sessions where we will discuss your key learnings and observations from the company visits and what makes each visit unique in a Lean context. Some key learnings and enablers that you will experience are: 

  • Standardisation: Learn the importance of standardising processes, tools, even principles, enabling both quality and efficiency in the execution to create customer value.
  • Flow: Focus on optimising the flow (one piece flow) rather than focusing on resource utilisation. See how pull, flow and takt are enablers of the just-in-time principle, hence, efficient process operation.
  • Simplicity: Kill complexity through focusing on simplicity as an enabler of successful implementation.
  • Management culture: See the transformation of a company driven by the management. Gain an understanding of how and what is required.
  • Visual management: Experience how powerful visual management in various aspects can support employees and drive their behaviour.
Jens Dahl Pedersen
Jens Dahl Pedersen
+45 4138 0023

Participation and practicalities

Participants include C-level, senior managers and Lean programme leaders with experience in Lean implementation. All logistics (including hotel and meals) from the time of arrival in Japan will be taken care of. Participants must book their own flights and handle the details with their own travel visa.


The cost per participant is:
EUR 7,400
DKK 55,000
SEK 73,000
NOK 68,000

Please note that there are limited seats available, and we need your confirmation prior to departure. Any cancellations after this confirmation date are non-refundable.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information about the event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Jens Dahl Pedersen
+45 4138 0023