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Get ready for perpetual beta

Preparing your organisation for the future

An increasingly complex world calls for new practices when it comes to the way we structure and lead organisations. Get the latest insights on how network learning and new organisational models can prepare your organisation for the future.

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Get ready for perpetual beta

Preparing your organisation for the future

At Implement Consulting Group, we’re deeply engaged in preparing organisations for the future. Working closely with our clients, we explore how organisations should be designed and led to take on new challenges.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that many of our existing organisational structures and leadership approaches are inadequate in a world where fluid networks have replaced fixed hierarchies as the governing paradigm.

According to the Canadian consultant Harold Jarche, we need to design our workplace structures and systems for “perpetual beta” – constant change. A specialist in workplace transformation for the network era, Jarche helps people and organisations adjust to the new paradigm. Focusing on social learning and connected leadership, he provides pragmatic guidance on how to work in “perpetual beta” by leveraging social networks, communities of practice and personal knowledge mastery.

Join us for an inspiring session with Harold Jarche and learn how to gear your organisation for perpetual beta.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Jacob Theilgaard, +45 3085 8049, jath@implement.dk.

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Jacob Theilgaard
Jacob Theilgaard
+45 3085 8049
  • About Harold Jarche

    Today, there are a growing number of prescriptive solutions pushed under the name of the “future of work”. Many of these are detailed recipes or based on some new technology that will supposedly save the day. As a student of history, Harold Jarche doubts these claims. People can never be more efficient than machines. In the face of automation, all we can do is be more curious, more creative and more empathetic. We need to design our workplace structures and systems so that open collaboration can help each and every worker make critical decisions.

    In this session, Harald Jarche will discuss several ways of implementing network learning as well as various methods for organisational engineering. The dominant organisational model needs to shift on the continuum, away from hierarchies towards networks.

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    17:00: Welcome and introduction “The Perpetual Beta Organisation” by Harold Jarche Inspiration and co-creation of new organisational models

    Tapas and networking

    20:00: Closing remarks