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Customer experience on Purpose

From the chief officers to the front line.

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125 CXO level participants comment on their organisations’ work with customer experience

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Customer experience on Purpose

From the chief officers to the front line

Great products are no longer the key to success, why the customer experience should be at the top of the agenda for all CEOs. An authentic customer experience increases engagement, advocacy and loyalty – and delivers business growth. But who takes the lead when it comes to defining it? As with any business-critical issue, the C-suite does.

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Recent studies underline that top-line growth correlates with the company’s ability to deliver an authentic customer experience. It is the new black in commercial strategies and a strong differentiator. The top management is the overall responsible for a company’s footprint in the market and therefore the true owner of delivering an authentic customer experience throughout the value chain – both digital and physical.

An authentic customer experience adds value to the customer and is strongly connected to the customers’ perception and expectations of the brand and company as such. It has to be thought through in all direct and indirect, digital and physical customer touchpoints. It involves every part of the company from production and supply chain to commercial activities.

You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology – not the other way around

Steve Jobs

Each one of them has to ask themselves …”how is my work adding to our aspiration of a customer journey, and how can I improve the customer experience to the benefit of the customer and the company at the same time?” The key to success lies in understanding the difference between service and customer experience, and what it takes to move service parameters into a new league of seamlessness and authenticity to generate the customer feeling of time and money well spent. It is about finding the customer’s reason for being in the market and addressing that in a genuine and authentic way.

We wish to invite you to a half-day of inspiration with two interesting thought leaders and two company cases, all mastering the techniques of building true and authentic customer experiences.


  • Joseph Pine


    Co-founder, Strategic Horizons LLP 

    Pine is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker within the topic of “customer experience”. Pine is the co-author of the best-selling book “The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage”, which argues that companies can no longer simply provide goods and services today. Instead, companies must offer experiences: memorable events that engage each customer in an inherently personal way. In 2007, Pine wrote “Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want”, which recognises that in a world of increasingly paid-for experiences, people no longer accept “the fake from the phony”, but want “the real from the genuine”. When deciding to buy, consumers judge an offering’s (and a company’s) authenticity as much as – if not more than – price, quality and availability.

  • Shaun Smith


    Founder of Smith+Co

    Shaun has been a leader in expanding management attention from the narrow focus on customer service to the wider, more strategic drive towards customer experience. He is the founder of Smith+Co, the leading UK-based customer experience consultancy. He is co-author of five acclaimed business books, his most recent being “On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love”. Shaun has spoken to audiences across the world and in many sectors. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. Shaun is a recipient of the PSAE (Professional Speaking Award of Excellence).

  • David Gram


    Senior Innovation Director at LEGO Group

    The toy industry is changing as a result of digitalisation, new technologies and emerging new competitors. The LEGO Group have succeeded in being global and authentic at the same time by taking control and making sure that the customer experience is delivered throughout the customer journey. At the heart of the LEGO Group, a special unit has been tasked to tackle disruptive challenges through agile and customer-centric development. David Gram, Senior Innovation Director at LEGO’s Creative Play Lab, will share his hard-learned insights from doing radical, authentic innovation at the LEGO Group.

  • Thomas Christian Bruhn


    Vice President of Consumer Excellence at Coloplast

    Coloplast has for a long time been the frontrunner in the health care services and devices when it comes to navigating and creating an authentic consumer experience in a multi-stakeholder environment. They have understood the importance of being authentic and delivering a seamless experience across channels on a global scale. Vice President Thomas Christian Bruhn has built up the department of consumer excellence at Coloplast and is continuously focusing on how to develop a true and authentic consumer experience, seamless in all contact points – digital as well as physical.

  • Programme

    08:00 Doors open and light breakfast

    08:30 Introduction: Why the customer experience is your new strategy

    08:45 JOSEPH PINE – Authentic Customer Experience

    09:30 Q&A session

    09:45 SHAUN SMITH – On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love

    10:30 Q&A session

    10:45 Coffee/energiser break

    11:00 Case company 1: LEGO A/S

    11:30 Case company 2: Coloplast A/S

    12:00 Case table 1: Choose between the four speakers

    12:30 Case table 2: Choose between the four speakers

    13:00 Getting started, wrap-up and lunch

    13:30 Closing remarks