Welcome to Implement Consulting Group Zürich

We do not work for you – we work with you. A collaborative approach towards change with impact is what you can expect for your business.

Implement Consulting Group
Binzmühlestrasse 80
8050 Zürich

Implement Consulting Group Switzerland has taken a major step in establishing a significant presence in the heart of Europe. Abegglen Management Consultants has joined forces with Implement Consulting Group to become Implement Consulting Group Switzerland.

Our approach

Our core implementation principles of authenticity, impact, people, importance and energy are in perfect alignment with those of the Danish original – a long-term Nordic success story. The outstanding feature of both Abegglen and Implement Consulting Group is that we involve our customers to a very high degree when implementing changes – we call this collaborative consulting.

Problems can be complicated. Solutions cannot."

Since Abegglen joined forces with Implement Consulting Group, we have broadened our service portfolio significantly.

You can expect a strong team of consultants with proven expertise in the following areas:

Thereby we are taking into account the particularities of the industries we are working in (e.g. health care, financial services, utility and others).

As our client, you can expect:

  • A passion for creating change with impact in close collaboration with you
  • To be challenged and inspired by skilled consultants
  • Mastery in making solutions become and remain a reality

Our future colleagues can expect:

  • To work with major players in a variety of industries
  • To get direct access to a wealth of resources and know-how
  • To obtain diversity and flexibility in their work

Open positions