Thesis mentoring

Thesis mentoring

– for students in supply chain management and operations management

Are you a student or a student group with a passion for operations management, supply chain management, production planning, manufacturing or the like, and are you looking for sparring for your thesis project? Then apply for Implement Consulting Group’s thesis mentoring programme.

Our role in thesis mentoring is not to substitute your university supervisor, but rather to provide you with viewpoints based on industry experience and applied theory. The mentoring programme starts before or during your thesis project and ends after graduation.

The thesis project can be written in collaboration with a case company, but can also be purely theoretical – this is completely up to you. If you wish to write your thesis together with a case company, we expect that you are able to find the contacts at the company yourself.

The programme is free of charge, and you can apply as an individual or as a group. A typical programme stretches over a full semester and ends with a follow-up meeting after graduation. The purpose of this meeting is to provide as well as receive feedback.

We can offer you

  • Profound knowledge within topics such as supply chain management, operations management, supply chain analytics, forecasting, inventory management, procurement, sales and operations planning, production planning, manufacturing, manufacturing footprint, project management etc.
  • A large network of consultants with specific industry experience from all sectors.
  • Guidance on theoretical areas, analysis and solution design as well as how to present and facilitate key findings for university professors and company stakeholders.
  • The opportunity to gain an insight into a leading Scandinavian management consulting company.

We will not provide you with the solution, but we will help you by giving you a second opinion, guidance and inputs on your thesis project.

We have consultants in all of Denmark as well as Oslo, Stockholm, Malmö and Zürich, and meetings may take place at your university, our office, over the phone or via Skype.

What do we expect from you?

  • You are enrolled in a master’s programme within engineering management, business or similar, and you are among the top of your class.
  • You are pursuing a thesis project within a field such as supply chain management, operations management, procurement, logistics, manufacturing etc.
  • You meet the agreed deadlines.

Who could your mentor be?

We will provide a team of two consultants, one of them being your main contact. Therefore, your mentor team will consist of:

  • One senior profile with a minimum of 7 years of consulting experience, who also has industry experience.
  • One consultant who has graduated from university within the past 5 years.

We do so in order to ensure a high level of experience as well as a close link to the academic area. The mentor team will be selected based on the particular focus area of your thesis.

Possible thesis mentors

Why are we doing this?

At Implement Consulting Group, we wish to make a difference in the consulting industry. We believe that the ability to co-create solutions in close collaboration with our clients is a precondition for creating real Change with Impact. This is the key to success in an increasingly global and turbulent world, and we would like to bring this important knowledge about turning theory into action – fast – into play in your thesis along with our knowledge and experience within the field of supply chain and operations management, procurement, logistics and manufacturing.

We strive to be at the forefront of our fields of expertise, and we are always trying to share and to acquire new knowledge, internally as well as from clients and the academic world. We are looking forward to inspire you and to be inspired. One of our recent mentees, Nona, won the award for the best DTU Operations Management thesis 2017 for her thesis on inventory management.

If you find the way we work interesting and enriching, there may be the possibility of future employment at Implement. 

Are you interested?

Send us an application where you tell us about yourself, the theme of your thesis project, and why this is your area of interest.

For more information about the thesis mentoring programme, please contact: Ninja Akolk, +45 6124 4814 or Camilla Nielsen, +45 2888 9190